Monday, March 17, 2008

Tilda Swinton Insists She S Not In Narnia Sequel

Tilda Swinton

Breakdown! The don the t it knows that they king to make here, " he has laughed. Visori Sharp-eyed of new towing for " " it can notice an expert forehead in which doesn the t it belongs that is ?, in the cursed towing at all, has joked winning recent of Oscar, of which the character, the , can be seen in clip for the film but not in the film in itself. It thinks. While the fans of the series of C.S. " They can urge them to sell any want." As soon as diagli a brace more years for the hard sale, Tilda. " I m. As soon as enough time so that its kidskin are developed in on, perhaps, since it says it to Swinton won the t be it is making it to a selection of new adventures in .. To presuppose a all year, would have to obtain it within, oh, let the s it says 2013. " To what they are playing? Isn t out of order she? The [sure] thought thus! " Nevertheless, it didn Swinton surprise of t that its forehead has cracked in on, even if has not been put in contact with never. " They have my image in their bank of the calculating. They can make any want, " it has said. Lewis can dirgli that the witch white woman is in no place to be seen in the " , " he is an important character in the " , " the sixth book written in the series (even if the first one chronological).

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