Sunday, March 2, 2008

Photographer Hounded Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Ms the Kidman of the "That frightened from that the behavior cannot be contested, " Said . The test of the "The wide demonstrates that the behavior of the sig. Past Lanno jury has found that the elements dellarticolo have defamed Fawcett, but Fairfax has tried ulterior unudienza in order to try to demonstrate that the claims publish to you were to align. A celebrity that the photographer that has cited a newspaper in order to accuse it of perseguitante has been passed enormous a legal invoice preferibilmente when a judge has regulated its intrusivo behavior frightened the actress. Tried in order to hinder the house of Kidmans to Sydney and had coupled in a dellautomobile dangerous pursuit in its determination to the photography the star, New South Wales declares said Wednesday . Simpson has been asked for regulating alternatively on that one and if Fawcett would have to be damages paid and in affirmative case how much.. Fawcetts was ` intrusive and ` threatening." Fawcett had cited means of Fairfax, publisher of the newspaper, for the defamation for an article of the column of subject of gossip of January 2005 that the accusation of being Sydneys the greater part of the photographer had aversion for that it has been determined to the havoc" of the "wreak; on life of Kidmans.

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