Friday, March 14, 2008

Gilligan S Island Star Dawn Wells Caught With Drugs

Dawn Wells

He has said that the pools swerving on the road because he was trying to find the heating one in its new automobile.. Its lawyer has said that a friend has testified hed on the left one small amount of nellautomobile marijuana and the pools were unaware of of it. When lufficiale that has it pulled surplus it has asked news on a odore for the marijuana, shed said pools given hardly a turn to three hitchhikers and it had fallen them outside when they have begun to smoke something. Lufficiale has found the half-filled with smoke joints and two small the used cases in order to store the marijuana. , that sullisola of Gilligans has played, has been interfered with marijuana in its automobile, after larresto on the sense to house from its party of surprise birthday. The castaway laughing foolishly of commedia of the years the 60 TV it has been selected on swerving and repeatedly the sullaccelerazione and slowing down while it has guided to house from left its sessantanovesimo of surprise birthday nellIdaho.

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