Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sacre Bleu Hollywood S Miffed With Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard

Hour people are asking if these observations of 9/11 will ruin the international career of Cotillards? Welcome to the chrie of Hollywood. Stretching to believe in the conspiracy theory behind 9/11, she has confessed to the films watching on the Internet that has defied the official version of the 11 of the attacks september. She has even asked, walk delluomo of the "Did really on the moon? Me, seen Ive one fair little documentaries sulloggetto. 24 French February beautiful nabbed actress a best Oscar for its rappresentazione of Edith Piaf in "." Today, however, "it" of Hollywoods; the girl has members of industry to scratch their witness over its observations approximately 9/11. In all the case, the dont it believes that all popular it says to me, thats for sure." Ironico Isnt it? On the night of Oscar Who it has made yours dress? it was the great question that turbine approximately this foreign feeling. But Cotillard has been able to regulate one second new annotation some critics us.. The vincitori of Oscar are necessary usually some months or years in order to enter in warm water. The "I she thinks that were she has been to the things approximately a lot, " the actress she has said in unintervista of the TV that has rifared the surface of on the Internet. That one, really, I interrogate.

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