Monday, March 3, 2008

Kim Raver Finds The Lighter Side Of The Jungle

Kim Raver

I have made the night to the museum with Very calmer and have had therefore a lot to make of divertimento comedy. We have dawned with Raver in order to discuss the new exposure. seen Weve on the dramas like 24 and highly on the touted on but on short duration more intense and testoterone-resupplied the nine, but hour commutation of shes adapted to the star in the dramedy estrogen-guided (thursday to 10 pm/ET, NBC) like , the editor of the hard-as-nail in head of "" bucket. Guide of the TV: You were observing in order to make more luminosity qualche.cosa? Kim Raver: Definitively. Big and in the giungla of the lipstick is .. Which thing renders the giungla of the only lipstick? Raver: Candace [ Bushnell ] has put it really shortly that one in the sex and the city women is trying the sig. That was a perfect combination of that what I loved approximately making 24 and the nine and of that what I loved approximately the night to the museum. Guide of the TV: There are the unavoidable comparisons to the sex and the Mafia of the cashmere and the city.

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