Monday, March 3, 2008

Marion Cotillard S 9 11 A Lie Slammed

Marion Cotillard

Nellintervista of the TV lanno slid, Cotillard suggests that the the 11 have been destroyed september 2001 in order to save the moneies. And here (to New York), in some minuteren, the entire thing collapsed.". A clip of the star that speaks about new center of world-wide commerce of Yorks it has been spillage on the Web site of Frances Marianne2. The invoice has said: "Its one terrible what to say - not extension consideration for the victims." Publicity is moreover probable to leave its blooming career of Hollywood in rags. Oscar-winner faces enormous a circular game after to have the lAmerica accused of making on the attacks of the terrorist of 9/11. It has ignited: the "We it sees other turrets of same the kind one that is hit in airplane, is burned... The star 32-year-old has said: the "I it thinks that were it has been to approximately a sure number of things." But the relatives of the 3,000 victims of Al-Qaeda have hit Scots-scots-sopportato son Walter outside, 30 of the policeman of the Weavers invoice, died. That no of these turrets have collapsed.

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