Sunday, March 2, 2008

Oscars 2008 Best Actress Marion Cotillard I Ll Be Glad When The Awards Season S Over

Marion Cotillard

After that its Victoria Sunday, it explains: the "I she has spold all that (time) speaking same I who am not that what I prefer to make in the life, therefore its a lot along and its much more long than in France." "You dont it makes them this [ in France ], campaign of dont and so that it has been the kind of bizzarro, to the species of the answer the same question approximately me. I mean, the life are of the film that goes on but the film doesnt has them need of anymore." The star has taken the trophy of the actress better than more soon in the several month and trophies the advanced ones therefore like its to fine week for its role in the biopic.. Winner of Oscar of the actress better has said it aspett of cant the season of the prizes to be surplus because sick of shes of it must promote itself.

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