Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stargazing Kaling Goes Shopping Alicia Keys Explains Her Comments Ali Wins Loser

Alicia Keys

, after to have seen some of its observations in mixer, has published an saying that of tuesday of declaration it has been travisata nell interview. The reference in no way has been destined in order to have a connotation.& quot literal, political or negative; The & quot of observations of dry blow of gangsta; in no way they were trying to suggest that the government was in charge of the generation of this kind of music of dry blow. The mixer has published a counterstatement that it says, " We make a pause ours story." The keys are said cited that the dry blow of gangsta was a stratagem in order to convince the color persons to kill itself and that door a pendant of the AK-47 dell gold in order simbolizzare the " resistance, power and killing em dead." It says that the AK-47 is an acronym for Alicia Keys and a metaphor for people wowing with my music and performances, killing em dead on the phase. The point that I was trying to make era that the term oversloganized from some of means, causing the reactions that were not always positive.".

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