Friday, April 11, 2008

Alicia Keys Charts First Ever Gold Ringback Tone

Alicia Keys

Thus, as an example, if your sweetheart calls, you can fix the ringback in order to allow that it feels with yours and its favorite song. Thus what is exactly ringbacks? Here s the sparsity course: While a ringtone it is the sound that felt when it calls it to someone, a ringback it is the sound - usually squillando - you feels when it calls qualcun other. For l musical industry, ringtones and the ringbacks re-enters in a greater called category mastertones, joining the sales of both types of transfers from the system centers them towards the satellites. As an example, at the slid week, the has announced the single one & quot hit ; No " recently it has been transformed in the ringback never Gold-selling seen. This means that the sales of fragments of the song to use as ringback they have exceeded 500,000 copies; the same number you the d it must move in order to realize the condition dell gold in the single ones and - yes - of ringtone tables dell egg whites. While the ringtones, often under form d a clip of song, they are between the more popular satisfied purchases for telephones of the cells and the smartphones, you can also alter the ringbacks that people feel calls when it. That sense when people call, they the ll be it is dealt to some different thing that l usual ring dell ring dell ring dell ring before that you answer to or your message vowel takes. Chiud to key the " No " it has caught up double platinum in the category of mastertone having surpassed 2 million in the sales..

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