Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jennifer Hudson To Perform At Halle Berry Silver Rose Gala

Halle Berry

, the center of the executive director Jenesse have said, " It is exciting to make to join to l$signora the Hudson our programs of event. He is a supporter to align of our job in curative families in crisis." The gal and l auction d silver anniversaries of the Rose will be accommodated to Beverly Hills , Sunday 27 opens them to 12 h. The event the star of s has fixed the programs moreover characterizes Jay Leno, host of conquest of the Emmy Prize of & quot estimated advanced of s; L exposure this evening with the & quot of the Jay Leno; , like this year official auctioneer of s. L actress of conquest is fair to favorably receive its actress of conquest of the prize dell Academy of the colleague and dell friend in order to carry un exposure that arrests to the performance to the and the anniversaries, benefitting the . All the proceeds from the fundraiser avvantaggieranno the women and the children of the center of Jenesse, not un profit organization that supplies a olistico and total program in order to unjustly entertain the families persecuted of new to a well-being place lies them, financial, physical and impressionabile..

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