Friday, April 11, 2008

Classic Slasher Flicks Get Remade Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis

Rob Zombie has shared the " " in 2007 - l it originates them 1978, credited like the first one of the relative kind, starred Curtis allora-teenaged - and 1980 & quot of s; Train" terror; it has been reinventato like the & quot imminent; ." Also John Carpenter & quot of s; " (1980) have been repeated in 2005. " At least remake the Americans have been better of the remake asiati to us, like Shutter and L eye, " Timpone says. Effectively, " " it is hardly the tip of the butcher blade. " Here, they have taken the large ones originates them and dumbed they hardly down, while some of films Americans they& #039 of the slasher; the king renewal was dumb to begin with.". Not all era the films of the slasher of s have aged well, however, thus it s not always un defective idea to give they an other blow. " I the d rather it sees refatti and made defective films to right in contrast with the classic films in which you can t ago the more best, " Timpone says, that it indicates 2003 & quot of s; Texas " like one of its favorite make-surplus. The starred first version - and practically l entire work of the outcry of of has been resumption during the last years.

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