Saturday, April 19, 2008

Adds Vast Array Of New Faces To Prime Time Lifestyle Lineup Vida Guerra

Vida Guerra

Task that some people observe the cultivation of the lowrider like rather than a code category more low. , host of Livin the life lowland (10 thursdays to P.m. " The cultivation of the lowrider definitively obtains that. It carries out a bucket Prospero that the career models to every year, thus like a commerce of the Internet those million the stocks of hosts. Supported in poverty in Cuba, War has leaked with its family in the United States like girl and has lived in the New Jersey till a brace of years ago. ET): the model/actress Cuban-born Vida War is salted to stars to reputation in 2004 like the model of the FHM bucket dell year and from then has appeared in video musical with P. But task it the good sense of the S.A so that this people show their passion and I hopes that I can inspire others in order to make the same.". " When I was developing in on, we didn the t it has the material money or many possessions, but l a thing my parents has taught to me that it was l importance of the family, " War has said. Diddy and Nelly, beyond that the parts in the publicity television and national films.

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