Sunday, February 24, 2008

Orlando S Ramiele Malubay Sets The Standard On A Strange American Idol Night Hey Paula Abdul Keep Making Sense Please

Dusty Springfield

With the excellent maturity, it has rolled more today with "ti I love of Yesterday." It is much rievocativa of Carrie Underwood, that it would have more to be than to on ".". Its that is excited hardly in order to feel that great voice to exit from that structure 4-foot-11. Cowell has said that outsang of Malubay laltre 11 woman in this years contests. For the quarter, selezionamento Alaina Whitaker di Ill, that it is hardly 16. was having the meant one and was medium than usual and a singer much small that calls the center has given the performances of standout of nights. "" he has given the visori mlto to the mastication over Wednesday. Malubay was splendid on the "You Dont Have to Say You Love Me." standard; It has visualized the poise, the control and the professionality. , than alive to Miami, strutted its sense joyously with "." This beautiful young woman resembles to one star. It lives in Miramar but moreover it considers domestic -- and we would have to enjoy the connection. Lets obtains in the first place to the great news: , a stewardess of the sushi 20-year-old, is one storditore. Asiah Epperson, a waitress from the Missouri, has been thrown in "." It has the confidentiality, a vincita smile of and one distinguished voice. Some others have come close that she. Allestremit of evenings, said Cowell was three or four strong women here.

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